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Finger Contracture Cushion for Care and Comfort

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher are not only famous world leaders. They are some of the prominent personas inflicted with Dupuytren’s disease. Many people would not have the chance to become as popular and historic as Reagan and Thatcher, but everyone is equally at risk of developing the disease – just like them!

Dupuytren’s disease is just one of the many medical conditions which can cause hand flexion – the inability to fully straighten one’s fingers. Most often, scar tissue formation creates a cord-like bundle onto our fascia – just under the skin of our palm. The cord makes the fascia thicker and shorter, thus, our fingers and palm get closer. Hands that are constantly flexed are prone to skin tissue breakdown, worsening of the contracture and further deformities. Thus, various finger contracture cushions are available in the market that may come from different advertising promos but of one goal: to promote contracture resolution, care and comfort.

Finger Contracture Cushion for Care and Comfort

Finger contracture cushions are one of the various assistive devices that can be used to correct contractures. There are many commercial products available over the counter or just anywhere, but it is highly advisable that the experts must be consulted. A physical therapist usually makes the recommendations on what the best finger contracture cushion is for an individual, depending on his condition. Oftentimes, patients with Dupuytren’s disease are advised to wear this assistive device for an extended time. Since it gently separates the fingers and prevents them from pressing against the palm, a padded and adjustable type is highly preferred. There are also available products which can be made according to the patient’s wrist and fingers’ size – so it would be more personalised and suitable for the patient. Persons with rubber latex allergy should be more cautious in buying a product – polyester made, and latex free should be the choice. Significantly, finger contracture cushion should be washable, to maintain its cleanliness.

Finger contracture cushion is in some way a motion – restricting device. Preventing friction between the fingers and the palm, which usually happens with patients of contracture problems and Dupuytren’s patients in particular, shall avoid skin breakdown and further muscle shortening. Yet, precautions should be raised in using this device, as it may also impede circulation if used incorrectly. In applying finger contracture cushion, specific instructions manual that comes with the product should be taken into serious consideration. Generally, when applying it, the fingers should be in the neutral position. Once applied, the thumb should be positioned slightly away from the hand and at a moderate angle to the fingers, while the fingers are kept in a slightly neutral position rather than a tight fist. As pressure ulcers may occur due to excessive use of the device, removing this every 2-4 hours is very important to promote proper blood circulation.

While it does not take to be another Reagan or Thatcher to get inflicted with any contracture disease, it also would not take any powerful persona to resolve contractures and promote hand comfort and care with the use finger contracture cushion.

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