The Risk Factors and the Cause of Dupuytren’s Contracture

Dupuytren’s contracture which is also referred to as the Dupuytren’s disease is a deformity of the hand which causes its tissues beneath the hand to contract and thicken. A prominent and initial symptom of this disease is the thickening of a person’s palm. Lumps under the palm’s skin, which often vary in number, might appear most often at the pinkie or ring finger’s base.

As this disease continues to progress, the lumps – sometimes called nodules, will develop into hard bands and cords which can extend to the fingers. The fingers’ cords will eventually contract and will make finger extension impossible to do. Household chores like washing dishes and exercises as shaking the hands will eventually become impossible or difficult.

Risk Factors

Although not too many people know about Dupuytren’s contracture, Keith Segalman – a hand surgeon has seen thousands of this disease’s cases already. While this condition is not new anymore, the disease’s origin still is a mystery. According to Dr. Segalman, “We have already studied the possible several reasons for this. However, there is still no definite cause of Dupuytren’s contracture. Here are some of the medical experts’ speculations about the cause of the disease:


According to Taizoon Baxamusa – a surgeon and spokesperson of the Orthopedic Surgeons of America, “this disease is in bloodlines”. This does not imply that since your mother had Dupuytren’s disease, you automatically will have it too. This just means that you have a higher risk of developing the disease too.


Most often, Dupuytren’s disease is observed in the people of the Northern part of Europe like the French, Dutch, Irish, Scottish and English people or the Scandinavians such as the Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish people. However, this disease could be developed by just any race and ethnicity.

Age and Gender

Men are the ones which are more likely to have the disease than women and this condition most often appear when the person reaches 40. If women develop this condition, these are observed to occur in the later stage of their lives with milder symptoms.

Seizure Disorders and Diabetes

The Risk Factors and the Cause of Dupuytren’s Contracture

Actually, experts still do not know the relationship between the disease and these disorders. However, medical professionals have revealed that the symptoms and Dupuytren are less severe with patients that have Diabetes. Although excessive use of the hand, as well as, injury are not connected to the emergence of Dupuytren’s disease; however, people that have hand trauma have higher risks of developing the disease.

Almost always, patients think that hand trauma and Dupuytren’s disease are connected because they tend to experience symptoms when they are doing activities that involve the hands. Because the disease is common in male senior citizens, a few men notice nodules on both of their palms first especially with those that are playing golf.

While there are medical experts that cite tobacco and alcohol as risk factors, these are just assumptions. People with Nordic and Northern European descent still have a higher population of Dupuytren’s patients.

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